Quadrilla, Quality Time Together

"At the Beginning it was the Circle"

Our intentation: fun for the whole family

Experience the stellar power of a Quadrilla deep space marble run! Launch your marbles through cosmic boosts and glow-in-the-dark loops speediest space traveler.

Inspires imagination and creativity
Helps promote fine motor skills

Build and experiment with your creation
Experiment with variables when playing
with marbles

Encourages 3-D thinking and spatial reasoning
Develops engineering and STEM skills

The Cyclone

The Cyclone is the largest Quadrilla set. Two spiraling funnels, 12 curved rails, and...


Loop de Loop

Loop de Loop combines hairpin turns with high-energy speed using straight and curved ...


Marble Catchers

Keep your Quadrilla marbles close at hand with these precision-crafted wooden trays....


Speedway Set

Add adrenalin to any Quadrilla building set with extra rails, levelers, blocks, accel...



Whirlpool takes twists and turns to new heights. A large funnel, 5 curved rails, and ...


Galaxy Set

Add fast and furious speed to any Quadrilla building set with spiraling funnels, rail...